Hi Michael thanks for the mention :). Yes you are right about the content so every time you go off your main topic it "hurts". It's really due to the fact that people follow you for some specific content and when you change the topic the numbers drop and some people even leave.

I also like Medium as a writing platform due to the fact that I take it as a serious business but I'm not dependent on the income from this platform to survive so I've made a number of experiments in the more than a year I've been writing there some successful others not for a change.

The important thing though is that the platform is still evolving and what didn't work a year ago may work great now as well as market trends change, but articles that are evergreen work well again. Since you are dealing with side hustles I assume that you, like me, will prefer to receive what is dripping but for a long time rather than a flood and then a drought.

I'm putting subscribe and will look forward to what meets me here next. I post here irregularly now at times when I want to change the subject of my writing for a while.

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